Tactical Pals/MOLLE Adapter

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The PALS ADAPTER, an innovative accessory designed to enhance the versatility of your CRDPOUCH MKII.

Versatile Carrying Solution

With the PALS ADAPTER, you can now attach your CRDPOUCH MKII to your belt, shoulder strap, and hip belt of a backpack, offering seamless access and convenient storage options.

Secure Attachment

The PALS ADAPTER includes three easy-to-use MOLLE buckles, providing a secure attachment for your CRDPOUCH MKII to the adapter.

Additional Attachment Points

It also features attachment points in the form of four paracord loops. These loops provide additional options for securing or hanging accessories, enabling you to keep everything organized and within reach during your shoots.


Dimensions: 22 X 12.5 X 0.55 cm (8.661"H X 4.921"W X 0.216"D)
Weight: 114g (0.251 lbs)