Maglock MOLLE 2P

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  • Swift attachment/detachment on the go
  • Patent pending magnet locking mechanism
  • Robust design with fiber-reinforced nylon
  • Opens safely under increased force

Unlock unprecedented mobility and flexibility in your MOLLE/PALS system with the Maglock MOLLE Buckle. Crafted with a patented magnet locking mechanism in fiber-reinforced nylon, it ensures swift and secure attachment/detachment, enabling you to adapt on the move.

Key Benefits:

  • Tactical Versatility: Revolutionary magnet locking mechanism for quick and secure attachment.
  • Robust Design: Fiber-reinforced nylon construction supports up to 10 kg (22 lbs) horizontally.
  • Safety Feature: Designed to open under increased force rather than break.
  • Optimal Performance: Use in pairs for redundancy and added security.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Swift and secure attachment/detachment for on-the-go adaptability.

Gear up for unmatched freedom and efficiency with the Maglock MOLLE Buckle.


Materials: Glass fiber reinforced PA (polyamide)
Dimensions: 31 X 56 X 22 mm (1.22" X 2.2" X 0.86")