Lens Patches 01

Lens Patches 01

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  • Quick and easy identification
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Versatile LENS Patches for Easy Identification

18 lens-focused embroidered velcro hook patches designed for both CRDPOUCH MKII and the Y-Wrap.

  • 11 x Embroidered lens patches
  • 7 x Yellow mount patches

The Lens Patches 01 are designed for easy identification and organization of lenses. They feature professional high-quality embroidery and secure attachment, making them a reliable accessory for photographers and videographers.

The set includes patches labeled for various types of lenses. These patches will enhance your workflow, thereby saving time and ensuring a more organized setup.

Lens Patches 01 contains the following text patches:

  • 18-35MM
  • 24MM
  • 35MM
  • 18-55MM
  • 24-70MM
  • 50MM
  • 24-105MM
  • 85MM
  • 100MM
  • 70-200MM
  • 135MM
  • PL
  • EF
  • E
  • RF
  • F
  • X
  • MFT